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My name is Daniel Hughes. I have over twenty years experience working within the dental industry.  I am GDC registered and pride myself in the high standards needed for today’s dental market.

Whilst running a successful prosthetic business, I was working on a project to develop and create my own brands using pressure forming.  These would eventually lead to the development of Demonshield and Arctic Light.

However, with the demands of running a predominantly NHS laboratory, and the hours I was working, my vision seemed a million miles away.  Then, in 2018, with the development of my first product, Demonshield, gathering momentum, I finally took the plunge and sold my commercial laboratory and put down those endless try-ins!   

Fast forward to the present day, Demonshield now supplies mouthguards to a host of professional and amateur athletes in a wide variety of contact sports.  Demonshield is also the preferred brand for many top level fighters.  I have been fortunate enough (as a huge sports fan) to be able to work alongside many elite athletes on the biggest sporting platforms.  Demonshield to date has been worn in ten professional world title fights.

Demonshield was becoming well established in the sport market, it was now time to look at the possibility of working back within the dental industry by developing an innovative tooth whitening system which would fit in with my current pressure forming production line. 

With dental laboratories becoming more digital, developing aligner systems and expanding into more conventional methods, I felt that there was a gap in the tooth whitening market for a total package. 

Following a year of research, I finally found a suitable and reliable manufacturer to produce Arctic Light tooth whitening which I now supply,  together with the whitening trays on receipt of the dentist’s impressions.  I have now added further pressure forming products to my range. 

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